LDC Equipment offers the most user friendly and best value for money VMS in Australia with our new Star Series signs.


Amber VMS Boards Incorporating LED Panels With Inbuilt Self-Diagnostics

Amber VMS Boards – (Variable Message Signs) – Inspired by diverse control functions and charging systems, LDC Equipment introduces the VMS core board which integrates all innovative features onto the one single board. In contrast to typical VMS Boards, our newly advanced design consists of point to point wiring extending from the core to each component. This was created to avoid the potential risk of faults through complex wiring. We call it the “star pattern”; ensuring all failure points are reduced, providing you with a stronger, more reliable board.

To ensure your safety, we have also created the touchscreen controller connected to a five-metre lead for use at a safe distance from any roadway. Designed for easy use, we have also developed on-screen menus which allow changes and programming to the sign whilst it is away from a mobile coverage area.  

Easily manage single or multiple signs through our exclusive VMS Director™ Software by remote access. Unlike other servers, there are no ongoing charges and it can be easily set-up through a customer’s own server.

At LDC Equipment, we value our client’s feedback and are continuously working to improve our products to ensure we are providing you with the best quality, locally designed and manufactured equipment. Our manufacturers have extensive experience in producing quality products such as our VMS Boards, re-designing our equipment from head to toe for your ongoing safety and benefit. We offer a range of new features including the ‘plug and play’ LED display boards, a flat deck trailer with a combined battery box for increased stability and an improved, stronger aluminium case with no fans to maintain.  

Proudly Australian made for Australia’s harsh conditions and for the lowest possible cost of ownership.

Australian-Made for Safer Roads


  • Brightness control: Fully automatic with manual override
  • Batteries: 2 x 250 Ah AGM maintenance free
  • Solar panels: 2 x 120 Watt
  • GPS Tracking
  • Next-G Cellular connection with SMS and GPRS updates
  • Warranty: 2 Years* – refer Warranty policy
  • Screen: UV Stable Polycarbonate
  • Raise and lower: Brake winch (no hydraulics to fail)
  • Wheel locking chains: 2
  • Recessed tamper resistant LED tail lights (anti-vandalism)
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Dulux powder coat with zinc rich primer



  • Powerful, low power 32 bit processor
  • Cooling: Passive (No fans)
  • Ultra low current draw
  • Static LED drive for extended LED life
  • No daisy chain wiring – No cascading faults
  • Unique point to point internal wiring
  • Power consumption: Average 50W
  • Live firmware updates via web
  • Multiple redundant light sensors
  • Fully integrated processor, communication and solar charging module



  • Display: 2400 x 1400 to AS:4852, Colour or Amber
  • Matrix resolution: 48 x 28
  • Pixel Pitch: 50mmx 50mm
  • Display capability: 4 Lines
  • Characters per line: Up to 12



  • SMS
  • PC/Laptop with Scheduling
  • Digital Key: 2 Supplied
  • Touch screen hand controller



Why not consider our Solar Surveillance Camera as an added feature on your VMS Board?  With motion detection, full HD 1080P Real-time recording and remote access viewing and many more bonus features, this camera is perfect for site security or general traffic surveillance.






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