Speed Signs Gold Coast

Speed Signs Gold Coast

Welcome to the team here at LDC Equipment. We are the most knowledgeable and reliable team when it comes to offering speed signs. Working on roads at any hour can be hazardous to both workers and drivers. A change in the speed limit on any road needs to be made aware to all drivers. So, they understand to change their speed, be cautious, and that there are roadworks or other projects currently taking place.

Our Speed Limit Signs are:

-100% Australian designed & made
-Thin and lightweight aluminum case
-Passive cooling (no fans)
-Pre-loaded images
-Fixed mount
-Touch screen dash mount controller
-Full colour ‘Touch N Go’ icons

Speed Signs Gold Coast, distributed by LDC Equipment, have become an essential part of our efforts to promote road safety and control speed limits in our community. With their advanced technology and reliable performance, these signs have proven to be an effective tool in raising awareness and encouraging responsible driving practices. One of the key advantages of Speed Signs Gold Coast is their ability to display real-time speed information. These signs are equipped with accurate sensors that detect and display the speed of approaching vehicles. This instant feedback allows drivers to become more conscious of their speed and make necessary adjustments to comply with the posted limits. By providing drivers with this immediate feedback, we can actively encourage them to drive within safe and legal speed limits.

Speed Signs Gold Coast from LDC Equipment can be integrated with data logging and reporting systems. These systems capture and analyse traffic data, enabling us to gain insights into traffic patterns, identify speeding hotspots, and make informed decisions regarding speed limit adjustments or enforcement measures. This data-driven approach enhances our ability to effectively manage speed-related issues in our community. Call us today for more information!




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