Safety Signage Australia

Safety Signage Australia

Safety Signage Australia, offered by LDC Equipment, is a paramount solution that has revolutionised the way businesses prioritise safety in their environments. As a provider of top-quality safety signage, LDC Equipment equips businesses with the necessary tools to effectively communicate safety information, regulations, and warnings to employees, visitors, and customers. We cater to a wide range of business areas and we always go above and beyond to ensure that our clients receive a plethora of benefits from our signage.

LDC Equipment, a trusted supplier of safety signage solutions, offers a wide range of options to suit various safety needs. From mandatory signs that indicate safety procedures to hazard signs that warn of potential dangers, they provide a comprehensive selection of safety signage. These signs can be customized to align with specific industry requirements or to incorporate a company’s branding, ensuring consistency and familiarity throughout the facility.

One of the greatest advantages of Safety Signage Australia from LDC Equipment is its compliance with safety regulations and standards. These signs are designed and manufactured to meet or exceed industry-specific safety guidelines, giving businesses peace of mind that they are fulfilling their legal obligations. Whether it’s OSHA standards, ISO requirements, or specific industry codes, LDC Equipment ensures that their safety signage is compliant and up to date.

In 2006 we were awarded the marketing and distribution rights for ISO-9001 quality assured manufacturer Global Traffic Equipment, an Australian owned and operated company. This acquisition has aided LDC Equipment in its dedication to designing and manufacturing the highest standard of LED signs and traffic control equipment available nationally. Through the use of innovative technology, quality materials, premium design and affordable pricing.

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