Solar Street Lighting Brisbane

Solar Street Lighting Brisbane

At LDC Equipment, we are proud to offer a range of Solar Street Lighting options tailored specifically for Brisbane’s unique needs. By harnessing the power of the sun, our lighting systems collect solar energy during the day and store it in integrated batteries, ensuring a seamless and efficient illumination of the streets throughout the night. With Solar Street Lighting Brisbane, say goodbye to costly grid-based electricity and hello to substantial energy savings and a greener, more sustainable city. These lights are perfect for job sites as they offer surveillance options too.

These fully integrated units feature a water filled base and an extendable mast for a total height of up to 5 meters. They are easy to transport and set up and can be moved using the forklift pockets underneath or the lifting points on top. Secondly, the combination of solar panels and high-capacity batteries ensures a long running time without any fuel or emissions. The units are available with a stand or mount to almost anything and are very easy to install. With a range of watts and sizes available, there are solar lighting solutions to illuminate roads, paths, parks, sports fields, warehouses, factories, new developments and industrial premises of any scale. Also, three variants are available including a camera unit and a combined street light camera model. All three different models can be found below.


-Solar-Smart super charging technology
-Galvanised steel base (water filled)
-30W CREE LED light
-Lithium battery system
-PIR motion sensor

Experience LDC Equipment‘s knowledge as we guarantee the best possible installation and upkeep of Brisbane’s solar street lighting. Your go-to resource for comprehensive information about our services is our website, “”. Explore the many possibilities that are available, consider their features, benefits, and technical details before making a choice that satisfies your unique needs.




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