VMS Boards Gold Coast

VMS Boards Gold Coast

Reliable VMS Boards Gold Coast!

Efficient traffic management is crucial on the Gold Coast to ensure smooth flow and enhance road safety. Variable Message Signs (VMS Boards) play a vital role in achieving these goals, and LDC Equipment offers reliable solutions. Our VMS Boards are designed to optimise traffic flow, provide real-time information, and improve overall road safety. With advanced VMS technology, LDC Equipment’s offerings are essential tools for traffic authorities on the Gold Coast.

Our Amber VMS boards are designed and manufactured in Australia for traffic control, events and promotional purposes. Our variable message sign boards are an effective way of getting your message seen. Compared to other VMS boards Gold coast, our innovative design consists of point-to-point wiring extending from the core to each component. This superior design avoids the potential risk of faults through complex wiring. We call it the “star pattern” and it reduces the chance of breakdowns due to the board having fewer failure points.

Simple and easy to operate, the amber VMS boards, programmed using a smart phone, laptop or desktop PC. Therefore, you can easily manage single or multiple signs using our advanced Cloud Director Software by remote access. Unlike other services, there are no ongoing charges and easily set up through your own server. Additionally, we offer a range of new features including the plug-and-play LED display boards, a flat deck trailer with a combined battery box for increased stability and an improved, stronger aluminum case with no fans to maintain.

LDC Equipment’s VMS Boards offer reliable solutions for efficient traffic management, real-time information provision, and improved road safety on the Gold Coast. With their advanced technology and customisable features, these boards optimise traffic flow, provide real-time information to motorists, and enhance road safety through targeted messaging. Choose LDC Equipment for our expertise, top-notch products, flexibility in customization, and dependable client service. Improve the effectiveness of traffic control on the Gold Coast by implementing VMS Boards from LDC Equipment.




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