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Government & council 

Many Government and Council departments have their own Transportation and Infrastructure agencies.

These agencies are responsible for looking after the conditions of roads, highways, infrastructure, and other transportation areas. Governmental departments tend to oversee road maintenance, work-site projects, traffic control procedures and so on. Ensuring the safety of the public and those who are at the site.

LDC Equipment can offer a range of road safety equipment that assist Government and Council agencies in charge of transportation and infrastructure.

Such equipment include:

There are many reasons why this equipment can be effective for Government and Council departments.

  • Public Safety: The most essential reason is to enhance the safety of the public. By having road and traffic projects installed with the proper safety equipment to limit potential hazards.
  • Laws: Requirements that enforce the use of our products in road projects to ensure everyone’s safety. Can reduce a departments liability in the case of a traffic collision.
  • Emergency: All our products are portable and often require little maintenance to set up. Making our units effective in the case of an emergency or road crisis.
  • Traffic Control: By maintaining a safe and effective traffic flow to decrease the amount of traffic jams and inconvenience for the public.
  • Credibility: The public will see that all the local worksites are equipped with the latest equipment for their safety and awareness.
  • Project Planning: Agencies need to work out how projects are to be completed.
  • Data Research: Some of the products can collect data that could be useful such as Speed Sign recording vehicles speed.

products for governmental agencies 

Radar Speed Check Sign

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  1. Safety: The main purpose is to entice people to drive safety. Our signs inform drivers of their speed limit and encourages them to adjust their speed if necessary.
  2. Compliance: Drivers are more likely to be consciousness of their speed when they receive feedback in real-time.
  3. Awareness: A great way to convey the importance of driving by the speed limit.
  4. Data: The units keep a record of vehicles speed, which can be used for research and future planning.
  5. Traffic Violations: Contributes to fewer traffic offences, creating a lesser burden on the legal system and governmental departments.

Portable Traffic Lights


  1. Traffic Control: Departments can be responsible for ensuring a safe environment during construction and maintenance projects.
  2. Emergency: During emergencies, these units can be transported on a site and setup quickly.
  3. Regulations: Government agencies are often in charge of overseeing safety procedures during operations.
  4. Cost-Effective: These units are cheaper and easier to setup and use than installing fixed traffic lights.
  5. Eco-Friendly: All units are solar powered that produce no emissions.

Solar Lighting Towers

mobile solar lighting tower

  1. Cost Effective: Agencies can reduce their energy and maintenance costs as our units use solar energy and required little maintenance.
  2. Eco-Friendly: Produces no emissions and creates a greener work environment.
  3. Off-the-Grid: Agencies can use these units in areas where there is little or no power supply.
  4. Projects: Agencies involved construction, infrastructure, or events management.

VMS Boards


  1. Management: Our boards can be used to maintain traffic flow by displaying messages about the road conditions.
  2. Emergency: Boards can be deployed and display safety message for the public.
  3. Awareness: To display public awareness notices such as safety campaigns.
  4. Events: Agencies are sometimes in charge of organising an event. Our boards can be used to display information such as directions or locations.

Vehicle Arrow Boards

Vehicle Mounted Arrow Board

  1. Traffic Control: Arrow boards can be used to direct traffic in project that agencies oversee such as construction, accidents, or events.
  2. Safety: It is essential that worksites ensure a safe environment for workers. These units keep drivers aware of the changed road conditions.
  3. Emergency: Agencies involved in emergency departments can use these units to maintain an efficient traffic flow in disorderly situations.
  4. Law: These units can help with safety requirements
  5. Perception: Having the latest and adequate safety equipment installed provides a trusted and favourable perception with the public.