Every school has the ethical responsibility to ensure that all students, parents, staff, and other visitors are safe. But it is not only the school, but the public as well. Whether they are visiting or driving past during drop of or pick up times.

People may not realise that LDC Equipment can offer a range of road safety equipment that school around Australia that can educate the public or teach within the classrooms.

Some equipment include:

There are many reasons why this equipment can be effective for School.

  • Safety: The main reason is to prevent any traffic accidents, ensuring the safety of everyone. Especially, with the presence of young children.
  • Traffic Control: In Australia, school have a change of speed during school hours to 40km. Speed Check Signs are a great indicator to remind drivers of this and their surroundings.
  • Education: Not can be educational for drivers and visitors to a school, but for students. Portable traffic lights can be for educational purposes and how to navigate the roads safer.
  • Speed Limit: It is common that schools are in high traffic areas, and keeping to the correct speed is essential.
  • Law: School do have legal and moral responsibility for the safety of students. Displaying the necessary safety equipment such as Traffic Lights or Speed Signs can be a great way to provide a safe environment for students and others entering and leaving school.
  • Reinforce Safe Behaviour: Helps introduce safe road habits to young children, hopefully to remember these lessons as they get older.

products for schools 

Radar Speed Check Sign

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  1. Reduce Speed: These units can encourage drivers to slow down when they received their driving feedback in real time.
  2. Awareness: A friendly reminder to all drivers that the speed limit changes to 40km when passing a school zone.
  3. Deter: Drivers are likely to keep to the speed limit when they are aware that their speed is being recorded and displayed.
  4. Data: Our units can record speed data, so schools and other officials can monitor the safety of the roads.
  5. Preventing Accidents: Considering that school zones are surrounded by children, parents, and other pedestrians. Taking any measure to prevent any collusion or mishap to essential.

Portable Traffic Lights

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  1. Traffic Control: During peak hours, there can be heavy traffic jams at school, and traffic lights can assist maintaining a smoother flow, such as when buses are entering or leaving the school grounds.
  2. Safety: The presence of traffic lights can cause drivers to be alert and encourages keeping to the speed limit.
  3. Pedestrian: Can help with crossing guards instead of using the tradition Stop/Go sign.
  4. Education: A traffic light can be used within the classroom for road safety lessons.
  5. Portable: Our units fixed on a trailer or tripod can be moved to any desired location.

VMS Boards

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  1. Events: Schools can organise numerous events such as conference, athletes’ carnivals, voting, and more. Boards can be used to display relevant information.
  2. Messages: Display school related information keeping students and parents informed.
  3. Awareness: If a school is attached to a safety campaign or program. A board can be used to reinforce its message.
  4. Safety: Can display safety messages such as “(40) in school zones” or any alerts in emergency situations.

LED Signs

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  1. Visibility: These signs can be seen all day and night due to high display. Effective during different weather conditions such as heavy rain.
  2. Real-Time: These signs can be updates at any time, so schools can display messages in real-time.
  3. Imagery: Can display a range of different visuals such as a school’s logo, message, motto, graphics, videos, and other imagery in school colours.
  4. Promotion: Schools often have lots of events throughout the year such as conference, carnivals, public holidays, school plays, excursions, and more that can be promoted.