Lithium Battery Systems

Lithium Battery Systems

Welcome to the most reliable company when it comes to buying lithium battery systems!

LDC Equipment has built a reputation for designing and manufacturing superior quality traffic control equipment, VMS signs, LED signs, and solar lighting towers. So, it has expanded to the battery world. Therefore, we now offer the option of purchasing your own Lithium battery system. Afterwards, you get the choice of your battery designed and produced for your purpose.

Our battery systems are 12V, 24V, 36V, 48V, and 72V for light to heavy-duty use. Because LDC is an ISO 9001 company, so our equipment is designed to meet Australian safety and compliance standards and customer expectations of reliability and quality. Our locally designed and manufactured batteries can be used for a variety of situations that require power when no mains power is available. Not only available for Hire, but for Purchasing as well!


-High energy density: stories 6x more energy than a standard lead battery

-Lightweight: can be transported easily

-Long charge hold: retains up to 95% of its charge after 30 days

-No “memory effect”: can be recharged repeatedly with no energy loss, meaning that a lithium-ion battery lasts longer than a standard lead battery.

Transparency, devotion and overall professionalism are the key stepping stones we utilise here at LDC Equipment to ensure that our reputation is the highest in the industry. Equipped with over 25 years of experience and a wealth of knowledge in the field, we are your leading solution when it comes to lithium battery systems in Australia.

Feel free to browse our online website to get a better feel for our products, alternatively call us directly and speak with a qualified member of staff to kickstart your journey with us!





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