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Trailer Mounted Amber and 5 Colour VMS Boards

Grab Attention with the LDC Trailer Mounted VMS Boards!

Looking for top-tier VMS Board to improve your traffic management and display your ads communication? Look no further! LDC Equipment is proud to introducing you our Trailer Mounted Amber and 5 Colour VMS Boards. The ultimate solution for your business and traffic control to displaying dynamic messaging.

Key Features:

  • High-Visibility Amber & 5 Colour Displays
  • Portable Trailer Mounting for Easy Placement
  • Customizable Messages and Graphics
  • Remote Control for Real-Time Updates
  • Specifically Designed for Any Weather
  • Solar Powered 

Perfect for: 

  • Construction Zones
  • Traffic Diversions
  • Event Directions
  • Road Safety Messages

Maximize Safety and efficiency on roads and around, work site, highways and event venues with the LDC cutting-edge VMS boards. Get your messages across clearly and effectively!

Radar Speed Check Signs 

The LDC Radar Speed Check Signs is perfect to help you control speed and ensure safety on the roads. Stay ahead of roads safety with our technological solar powered Radar Speed Check Signs.

Key Benefits:

  • Real-Time Speed Display
  • Traffic-Calming Solution
  • Data Collection for Analysis
  • Specially Designed for Durable All-Weather
  • Easier to Carry around

Perfect for:

  • School Zones
  • Residential Areas
  • Work Zones
  • High-Traffic Roads

Empower your community with safer streets and responsible driving habits. Get a LDC Radar Speed Check Signs. Where safety meets innovation!

  • Solar Lighting Towers 

Light it up with the LDC Eco-Friendly Powered Solar Lighting Towers!

Brighten up any space while going green with our cutting-edge Solar Lighting Tower.

Key Features:

  • Solar-Powered for Sustainable Lighting and Cost-effectiveness
  • Versatile and Portable Design
  • Long-Lasting Battery Life
  • Low Maintenance, High Efficiency
  • Ideal for Remote Areas, Events and Mining
  • Easy to Carry around

Perfect for:

  • Outdoors Events
  • Construction Sites
  • Emergency Lighting
  • Campsites
  • Mining

Portable Traffic Lights 

Improve Traffic Control Anywhere with the LDC Portable Traffic Lights. Take command of traffic flow with our Portable Traffic Lights.

Key Features:

  • Easy Setup and Operation
  • Reliable Wireless Technology
  • Simulate Standard Traffic Patterns
  • Ideal for Construction Zones
  • Improve Safety and Efficiency
  • Easier to carry

Perfect for: 

  • Roadwork Sites
  • School Crossings
  • Temporary Intersections
  • Special Events

Keep roads moving smoothly even during challenging situations. LDC Portable Traffic Lights here convenience meets traffic management excellence!