Variable message signs from LDC Equipment in Queensland could be a game changer for your business. Designed for quick messaging, VMS board signs allow for large LED text message displays to appear prominently in a highly visible location within your business or carpark or by the roadside. With high visibility and high impact, they are ideal for warning of road hazards and changes in traffic caused by rapidly unfolding events. They are also highly effective at advertising business promotions in high traffic areas. LDC Equipment VMS signs can be delivered Australia-wide and are available in amber for economy, or in 5 colours to have a larger visual impact.

variable message signs

Types of VMS Signs

LDC Equipment offers two different styles of variable message signage: our basic amber signage for traffic control, and our 5 colour version, which is more often used for marketing and advertising messaging. Depending on your needs, you can mount them on a trailer, your vehicle’s roof or tray, or on the back of a truck.

Common Uses for VMS Board Signs

A VMS board is a great way to display high visibility road safety messages and control traffic flow. They are commonly used by civil construction companies, the mining industry, and councils as rapidly deployed emergency signage. VMS signs display your message instantly to passing pedestrians and road traffic, whether you need to announce changed traffic at roadworks, or create messaging for business promotions or events. Our remote software can change messages on the fly to reflect different promotional messaging or react instantly to changed circumstances at your music or sporting event. Creating the text messages is designed to be easy and requires minimum design ability.

Add Impact to Your Message with a LED Billboard

An LED billboard can be used for more nuanced advertising. Utilise video footage, full colour images and graphics to create a branded visual message tailored to your business. Billboard signs are trailer mounted on an independent mast system that can be rotated and raised to set your sign at the most visible angle and height. They are visible from 100 metres with an optimal viewing distance of between 5 to 55 metres. Graphics can be changed remotely over an internet connection using software downloaded to your smartphone, tablet or computer.


Get your message out there with a VMS board or LED billboard delivered Australia wide. Contact LDC Equipment online or call 07 5529 1188 to order yours today.