The PTL2 is LDC Equipment’s 2nd generation of Portable Traffic Lights, renowned for their high durability and reliability.


Portable Traffic Lights: Meets all requirements of AS4191

Our Portable Traffic Lights offer an unrivalled level of build quality and standard features, like a sophisticated SMS Monitoring System that alerts the user if there should be a fault.

With 9 frequency channels, they can be operated manually, by timer, vehicle trigger (with optional vehicle detector) or by optional radio remote control. Link multiple sets together to create larger systems.

The Portable Traffic Lights can be used in multiple formats and variations, from pedestrian crossings to 3 and 4-way operation. Our Portable Traffic Lights can be adapted with our Solar PTL Cam, a revolutionary solar camera for traffic management.

Australian-Made for Safer Roads


Portable Traffic Lights: UNIQUE FEATURES

  • Handheld controller unit with 5m lead for programming at a safe distance from the roadway
  • Tamper resistant, recessed multi-voltage LED tail lamps
  • Radio system allows 9 different channels
  • 1 Watt VHF radio transceivers
  • Omni directional aerials (do not need aiming at each other)
  • Temperature compensated battery charging (Longer battery life, No overcharging)


  • Ability to link multiple units together
  • Solar powered with intelligent charging
  • Enclosed trailer wiring: Anti-vandalism
  • Quick, easy set up & pack up
  • Rugged Australian designed & built trailers
  • Removable drawbars (anti-theft)
  • Stabiliser legs
  • 12 Months warranty
  • Gel batteries (maintenance free)


  • 2 Way – Shuttle mode with vehicle trigger, timer or manual
  • 2 Way – Plant Crossing mode with vehicle trigger or manual
  • 3 Way with vehicle trigger, timer or manual modes
  • 4 Way independent by vehicle trigger, timer or manual
  • Pedestrian – LDC Equipment is the only manufacturer of Pedestrian Portable Traffic Lights, complete with audible crossing beep
  • Extra mimic slaves can be added in all modes


  • Radio remote control
  • Pedestrian mode
  • GSM modem for SMS fault reporting
  • 3-4 Way system software
  • Vehicle detectors
  • 5 Watt VHF radio upgrade
  • Spare wheel
  • Spare drawbar


Portable Traffic Lights product brochure




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