FCP5 Full Colour LED Billboard

The trailer mounted full colour FCP5 and FCP10 billboard have media capabilities with the ability to display text, images and full motion video. It definitely stands out from other signage boards and has high visibility outdoors. The high impact board can be viewed as far as 100 metres thanks to its large size. It’s ideal for advertising or events. For a higher resolution image, the FCP5 provides more better image clarity thanks to additional LEDs.

Due to the increased power draw from the enhanced multimedia functions, including an integrated computer running Windows 7, both boards require access to mains power. Amber and five colour VMS boards on the other hand are fully solar powered, but are unable to display photo files or video.

FCP10 Full Colour LED Billboard

It’s possible to log in to the billboard remotely and drag and drop images and videos as needed. Then its simply a matter of adding them to the display software installed on the board. Start the sequence and marvel at your handiwork. All which can be all controlled remotely. A mix of still images and video can also be used to your liking. There are also a variety of transitions between images and video available.

While full motion video is the most eye-catching, for special offers and simple messages, still images may be ideal choice. A video without too much movement will also work.

FCP10 Full Colour LED Billboard

If you do decide to use video, and there’s important dialogue, make sure to add sizable subtitles as there aren’t any built-in speakers. If you’d like to have audio, it’s possible to connect external speakers.

To find out more about either full colour billboard, contact one of our friendly staff to find out more.