Speed Check Sign

Posted on Monday July 17, 2023 by Tim_LDCadmin

Speed Check Sign

Speed Check Sign

Our radar speed check signs are a technological device specially designed, to inform the driver of their current speed on the road and encourage them to adhere to the posted speed limits as they approach the sign. Offering as Trailer Mounted or Tripod Mounted. 

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Harry is always smiling green if drivers obey his speed limit.

His good mood can quickly change though, especially if drivers decide to ignore him. Happy Harry will become sad and turn red, letting the driver know to slow down while displaying their oncoming speed.

Nobody wants to see him upset, so drivers are more likely to reduce their speed and obey the limit when seeing his face.

The trailer mounted unit has the largest sign of the lot and a more noticeable presence with its yellow trailer, compared with tripod or fixed pole unit. If visibility is the most crucial factor in your choice, the trailer mounted unit provides the most impact.

Our experienced local engineers have specifically designed the sign to operate as simply and effectively as possible.

Drawing less than 1 amp, the radar speed check sign is robust, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly. It relies on the sun’s energy for its entire operation, as well adapting to automatic brightness changes when changing between day and night.

A fantastic solution for advising motorists of speed changes and monitoring motorist speed behaviour, the radar speed sign is easy to transport and set-up.

Our radar speed sign units detect and record the speed of each vehicle as it travels towards the sign, displaying a corresponding message visible for the driver to see. Our local engineers have designed these messages to display either a ‘smiley’ or ‘sad face’ depending on whether the vehicle is travelling at the correct speed or over-speed. An ensuing ‘SLOW DOWN’ message will deter speeding motorists, followed by the specified speed limit.

The radar speed signs assist in:

  • Reduces the speed of traffic by creating awareness to drivers.
  • The public are conscious of speeding vehicles.
  • Prevents danger in high-risk locations.
  • Increases safety for all drivers on the road and pedestrians.
  • Prevents potential incidents in high-risk areas.
  • Cost effective solution for areas prone to speeding.

LDC Equipment offers two different Speed Check Sign models. The Trailer Mounted or Tripod (known as the Happy Harry Speed Sign)

Our superior quality 100% Australian made radar speed signs that are placed on a trailer for easy transportation and set-up.

trailer mounted BROCHURE

This portable unit is lightweight, easy to set up and transport.

tripod mounted BROCHURE

Many may ask “can speed camera detect both directions”, and “are speed cameras both ways”. These unit are designed for moving vehicles approaching towards, not both ways.

The Uses and Benefits of Speed Check Signs

Awareness: To make aware the speed of each driver as they travel past. Whether, they are abiding by the current limit, and if they need to adjust.

Safer Traffic: Creating visual imagery such as a sad face or a ‘slow down’ message can influence drivers to be mindful of their speed. This can create safer road condition, thus, decreasing traffic accidents.

Consciousness Behaviour: Studies have shown that drivers are more likely to adjust their speed and overall driving when presented with information in real-time.

Data Collection: The collection of information such as road patterns and trends. This information can be valuable for research and future projects.

Community Engagement: By having these images clearly displaying messages can increase the public’s interest and knowledge of road safety. Most drivers do tend to be interested in these messages and encourage locals in participating in safer driving.

Road and Traffic Safety: By having drivers becoming more conscious of their speed and encouraging to slow down and drive with caution. This decreases the chances of traffic accidents, especially in highly populated locations such as school zones and work sites.

Cost-Effective: It is financial benefit in the long run as the units can be easily transported in different locations (like speed cameras) and does not need a person after installation (police vehicle). The units are solar powered, using sustainable energy and no going costs and require very little maintenance.

Locations: These units can be used for a wide range of applications for police, local councils, road workers, traffic control industries and more.