LDC Equipment, your trusted source of high-quality portable lighting towers. Our lighting solutions are designed to provide exceptional illumination for a wide range of outdoor environments, ensuring that your projects can continue safely and efficiently, no matter the time of day or night. 

We would like to introduce our New TL500 Portable Lighting Tower. A single person operated; battery powered portable lighting solution. Higher and Brighter than our other portable lighting solutions in our catalogue, though still cheaper and easier to transport than traditional lighting towers. 

Useful for several locations and purposes such as 

  • Traffic Control 
  • Construction 
  • Mining 
  • Emergency 
  • Sport 
  • Firefighting 
  • Events 
  • And more! 

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  • Height: 1.3m – 5.3m 
  • Weight: 53Kg (Fitting Only) 
  • High Elongation Ratio for easy storage and transport 
  • Unique cloud-axis electric telescopic pole 
  • Each lamp head can be adjusted freely. 
  • Multi-level self-locking support legs 
  • Unique coaxial 3-wheel design 
  • Handheld controller 
  • Ultra-long working hours 
  • High-efficiency LED light source 
  • Battery-powered up to 35,000LM & AC powered up to 65,000LM 


  • Zero noise, emissions and fuel consumption 
  • Zero maintenance and trailer cost 
  • 50kg-Class, single person rapid deployment 
  • Triple-wheel + self locking leg adapts to all terrains 
  • IP65 weather resistance 
  • Wind resistance Level 8 
  • Lithium Battery Powered 
  • Fully rotatable head and adjustable beam angle for versatile lighting area 
  • Versatile for various sites