Our Fixed Radar Speed Sign is used to monitor and display the speed of vehicles passing by. These signs are typically equipped with radar technology that can detect the speed of oncoming vehicles and displays the speed either on a digital display visible to the driver. 
These signs are effective tools for traffic calming measures, helping to reduce speeding and improve road safety. They serve as a constant reminder to driver to obey speed limits and drive responsibly. 
This unit acts as an permanent solution than the other units LDC Equipment – such as the Radar Speed Check Sign or Happy Harry Speed Sign
The Fixed Radar Speed Signs have various applications aimed at improving road safety and traffic management such as: 
– Speed Awareness 
– Traffic Calming 
– School Zones 
– Work Zones 
– Data Collection 
– Enforcement Support 
– Public Awareness 
– Event Management 

Standard Freatures 

  • 100% Australian designed and made 
  • Solar powered 
  • High visibility 
  • Easy install 
  • Data Capture capable 


Portable Radar Speed Check Sign

  • Power: Solar & Battery Powered 
  • Power: Powerful, efficient 32-but processor 
  • Power: Ultra low current draw 
  • Battery: LIFEPO4 
  • Power Consumption: In operation mode <500mA average 
  • Power Efficiency: 85% (approximate) 
  • Radar: AGD 
  • Cooling: Passive (no fans) 
  • Speed Recording: Stores 10,000 time-stamped speed records 
  • Stamp Source: Real time clock & calendar 
  • Display: P16 RGB, 7-Colour LED 
  • Display Modes: Speed limit & traffic speed 
  • Programming: Desktop utility to retrieve events 
  • LED: 100,000+ hours LED lifespan 
  • Viewing Angle: 120 degrees 
  • Optional Items: Touchscreen hand controller 


  • Case Dimensions: 450mm x 600mm 
  • LED Display Dimensions: 320mm x 320mm 
  • Resolution: 20 x 20 

*Specifications subject to change.