During Australia’s stormy la Niña summer, the conditions on Australian roads and work sites can become difficult due to flooding events, potential felled trees, and dark skies. Be prepared for the unexpected. Utilise a solar light tower from LDC Equipment in Queensland and add better visibility to your worksite whilst keeping your workforce safe.

Benefits of Light Towers

A light tower can be used to keep your worksite, warehouse, car parking lot, or factory floor safe by providing additional lighting and security to your workplace. Light towers offer visibility to roads, paths, and work spaces that can help to prevent accidents involving pedestrians, drivers or machine operators when lighting conditions become less than optimal. They can also help to illuminate sporting and social events when the sun starts to go down.

solar light tower

Overhead Solar Light Towers

LDC Equipment offers two overhead solar light tower models, one for overhead lighting, with a maximum hydraulic mast height of 9 metres, and a second smaller solar light tower that extends to a maximum height of 6 metres. Our light towers are 100% Australian made and designed. They use energy efficient solar panels during the day to supply energy to the battery at night, resulting in minimal or no ongoing power costs. The overhead lighting tower options feature a hydraulic mast, 360 degrees rotating motor and light dimming capability. This model is trailer mounted, comes with a touch screen interface for remote control operation and is commonly used for street lighting. Our other solar light towers, including our Venus model, are suitable for cost effective outdoor lighting and security. They are automated and trailer mounted for easy transport.

Advantages of our Lighting Systems and Portable Traffic Lights

Portable traffic lights may be used for the safety of pedestrians and drivers, to direct and automate traffic flow in high volume areas.

Back it Up with Lithium Battery Systems

LDC Equipment also offers custom lithium battery systems that can provide a suitable power backup in the event of a lack of solar power, and power grid outages.


Be prepared for a stormy la Niña summer with lithium battery systems from LDC Equipment. Contact us online today or call 07 5529 1188 for Australia wide delivery.