Time’s Running Out for VMS Upgrades…

December 31 signals the end of 2G networks. All VMS Boards operating off 2G will no longer function. To avoid fall-out, upgrade your boards NOW to enjoy continued operation.

LDC Equipment have been manufacturing VMS Boards right here in Australia for over 10 years. With significant investment in R&D, LDC Equipment now offer the most user friendly, best value for money VMS Boards in the country. Today?s VMS Boards use just one core board that integrates all control functions, communications and charging systems onto a single board. This revolutionary design eliminates the complex wiring and fault diagnosis associated with traditional VMS boards. All wiring is now point-to-point from the VMS core to all other components (star pattern); the result is a reduction in possible failure points and massively increased reliability.

Local control is by a user friendly touchscreen controller on a five meter lead, so the unit can be used at a safe distance from the roadway. On screen menus allow easy programming when the sign is not in a mobile coverage area.

Remote access is provided through our unique VMS Director? Software, whereby a single VMS sign or a fleet of signs can be easily managed.

VMS Board features are numerous, including plug and play LED display boards, a stronger and lighter all-aluminium case with no fans to maintain, and a flat deck trailer with integrated battery box offering a lower centre of gravity for increased stability to name but a few.

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