The Tripod Mounted Traffic Light (PTL3) consist of a set of signal heads, it isn’t much different from the traditional traffic lights. The difference is our PTL3 is portable, easily moved and set up at different locations as necessary with no need for infrastructure development. Ready to attend your traffic control management needs, it means agility and economy; keeping your site and roads safer by running the traffic smoothly and allowed drivers and pedestrians circulate safely. 

The PTL3 signal heads include red, yellow, and green lights. It is powered for a long-life battery. Easily to operate, it can be operated as one unit, as a pair for shuttle control or as multiple units, it also can be controlled via one hand controller and one traffic controller, which makes it easier for the operator to change the signal timing and control the lights based on the traffic conditions.

Safety is an integral part of successful roadworks. The unpredictable nature of motorists and pedestrians along with heavy machinery create a combination where accidents can occur. Traffic management equipment is constantly being developed and improved with the intention of reducing or eliminating the possibility of accidents causing serious harm.

Advantages of the Tripod Mounted Model

It can be easily and quickly set up and carried around the workplace as well as sizable to fit on a car. In most situations a pair will be used on a two-lane road to direct traffic as would be done traditionally by traffic controllers.

The Benefits of the PTL3

Easy to operate: Our PTL3 is powered for a long-life lithium iron phosphate battery, and it can feature up to 15 hours of continuous operation time per change. We also have an optional external battery that will guarantee more than double life to your equipment. The PTL3 battery is rechargeable via a 12V or 24V vehicle for one-site convenience or via battery charger and mains power.

Safety: The PTL3 plays a crucial role in ensure safety and efficient traffic flow during your work in temporary situations where permanent traffic lights aren’t available. They will provide clear and accordant signals to drivers and pedestrians improving the safety at your work site. The main reason to use portable traffic lights is that they remove the need for traffic controllers to be present on the road. By eliminating the human factor, the chances of the traffic controller being harmed is reduced dramatically or eliminated depending on the type of traffic light used. While the PTL2 trailer unit can work autonomously, the PTL3 tripod unit needs a traffic controller to manage the traffic light as needed. However, they can be completely off the road and can change the light from a long distance.

Flexibility and portability: The flexibility of our PTL3 allows it to be moved effortlessly around the work site and deployed in different locations according to your needs, as well as the traffic controller.

Cost-effective:  Our Portable Traffic Lights are more cost-effective compared to a permanent traffic light. It removes the need of extra installation costs and extensive infrastructure.  Over the long run portable traffic lights will provide substantial savings. When considering traffic controller labour costs and the risks associated using personnel over a machine, the cost savings quickly become apparent.

Quick solution: The portable traffic lights are easy and quick installed, bringing agility to changing traffic conditions temporarily in short notice for emergency situations or provisional works. Improving the agility and efficiency in traffic control at emergency or when quick changes are needed to control traffic.

Environmentally friendly: Our PTL3 is eco-friendly once they are powered by battery; with our rechargeable lights you will be able to reduce the need for electrical infrastructure at your work site making it economically viable.

Visibility: The PTL3 units use bright LED lights which are clearly visible during the day and nighttime. They even cut through heavy rain and fog in many situations. LEDs can be seen from long distances and help motorists to anticipate the changed road conditions as they approach. Another benefit of LED’s is the energy efficiency and long-lasting life making them effective for many years of use.

Convenience: The mobile nature of portable traffic lights and the easy set up makes them a convenient way to manage traffic. Less training and preparation are involved and more time getting the job done. The design of each unit is to provide the best benefit from the least amount of equipment.