The latest member of our product range is the Overhead Lighting Tower, an upgrade model of the pre-existing lighting towers, now available for hire or purchase.

It has a range of superb features such as:

  • 3.0m light outreach
  • 350 degrees rotating motor
  • 400 mm extended outriggers for stability (800mm total)
  • Wheel locking chains
  • 6-stage telescopic hydraulic mast 2.0m retracted, and 9.0m extended
  • 100W lamps
  • Manual and automatic operations
  • Light dimming capability for maximum run time
  • Touch screen interface
  • ADR approved

Working at night with any equipment can be hazardous and cause safety concerns. Our range of lighting towers can provide plenty of light to help minimise any risks. Lighting Towers can offer additional safety and security for a range of locations, such as:

  • Worksites
  • Warehouses
  • Factories
  • Complexes
  • Events

The lighting towers assist on-site workers in doing their jobs more effectively with direct light provided by the powerful LED lights that are mounted onto a mast and can rise. Different models have different heights. With the mobile trailer, it is easy to manoeuvre the units to light up the preferred area.

Lighting towers can also be an effective way to discourage unwanted visitors. For example, a security camera can attach to the tower (depending on the model) for additional surveillance. The combination provides the best machinery for both safety and security.

We can list the reasons to consider getting a lighting tower

  • Security
  • Road Safety
  • Construction sites, mining sites, and civil work
  • Outdoor entertainment and outdoor sporting events
  • Car parks and residential areas
  • Night works and emergency night works
  • Short-or long-term use