While it is true that solar panels rely on sunlight to generate power, modern solar panels are designed to run effectively, even when sunlight is diffused or indirect. Although a solar panel will continue to power your equipment during short winter days and in cloudy weather, its efficiency will be hampered, unless adjustments to the solar panel angle can be made. Read on to find out how the angle of the sun can be affected, and how LDC Equipment’s solar lighting towers can be adjusted to make the most of any available sunlight. 

Importance of Solar Power Angle 

The most efficient way to collect solar energy is to have your solar panels facing the angle of the sun at a 90 degree angle. This allows the cells in the solar panels to take in the most amount of energy and convert it to electricity. The angle of the sun will depend on the latitude of your location and the time of day. Keep in mind that solar panels function properly even in indirect light but will yield optimal results when the panels are perpendicular to sunlight.

Solar Lighting Tower Venus SLT 

LDC Equipment’s Venus solar lighting tower is a cutting edge solar powered lighting system that has transformed large-scale site lighting. It features durable, modern tilting solar panels, which can be adjusted to catch the rays of the sun on overcast days and in winter months. Three powerful LG solar panels provide users with 100% eco-friendly solar power that have zero emissions, as well as impressive output, while the 355 degree rotating motor allows for unprecedented control over sunlight exposure. 

Designed and manufactured in Australia, LDC Equipment lighting towers are made for Australian conditions. Tilting solar panels allow you to get the most of our sunlight all year round, ensuring that your solar unit performs at its peak. The LG solar panels allow for easy replacement and maintenance, while durable powder coating provides a level of protection that can hold up to any kind of weather. 

Solar Light Towers & Radar Speed Sign in Queensland 

Contact LDC Equipment today for a wide range of Australian made radar speed signs, solar light towers, and VMS boards. Our speed sign products are made using high-quality components that are fully compliant with the highest Australian manufacturing standards. For more information on solar powered traffic equipment, visit our website or call us now!