LDC Equipment has over 15 years of experience designing and building world class traffic control equipment for clients in varied sectors, such as civil construction, roadworks, traffic control, retail, council, mining and more. Our commitment to excellence extends not only to the quality of our products, but also to reducing our environmental footprint. Whether you need a PTZ security camera, solar light tower or portable traffic light, our solar range is the ideal way to stay compliant with emission norms, while also reducing operation costs. 

Solar Street Lights 

LDC Equipment’s innovative solar streetlights are powerful portable lights which are easy to install, transport and mount on nearly any surface. The powerful LED light, battery and solar panel combination ensures that the system is powered using renewable and free solar energy, no matter where you are! This guarantees minimal emissions into the atmosphere and over 100,000 hours of uninterrupted operation per LED light. Fully automated, easy to use, and versatile, these lights are ideal for large or small-scale applications. 

SLT Venus Solar Light Tower 

The SLT Venus solar light tower by LDC Equipment is designed and manufactured in Australia and meets the highest manufacturing standards. It is a sturdy, rugged unit, which integrates easily with our solar PTZ surveillance camera and requires very little maintenance. It is easy to transport, requires no additional labour to operate and has a zero-emission rating to help reduce the carbon footprint. 

Standing Solar Light 

The LDC Equipment standing solar light is a standalone product which operates without expensive wiring and maintenance costs. The combination of high-quality solar panels and high capacity batteries allows clients to run multiple units without extra manpower, while also saving money on repairs and transport. 

Locally Made Portable Traffic Lights in QLD

LDC Equipment is committed to leading the way in the development of cleaner, more efficient traffic control systems. We believe that solar equipment used on a large scale across Australia can significantly reduce the pressure on our country’s climate. Whether you’re looking for a PTZ security camera, light tower, or portable traffic light, we have the eco-friendly solution you need. Contact our staff today for more information or visit our website for a wide range of products.