Radar Speed Check Sign - Pole, Tripod or Trailer Mounted?

Now that we’ve introduced our new Tripod Radar Speed Check Sign, you may be wondering which one is right for you? A pole, trailer or tripod mounted unit. It will depend on your needs, but here a few things to take into consideration.


The portable unit is only suited to slower traffic areas, such as roadworks, where cars are travelling 50km/h or less. For highways and busy roads, the trailer mounted unit is most suitable.


If portability is needed, then the trailer or tripod units are the only options to consider. While both types are easy to move and can be handled and set up by one person, the tripod unit offers the ultimate in portability with a carry bag and lightweight design. This allows you to transport the unit easily in a regular car with no towing bar required. If the vehicle travelling with the unit already has a towing bar, the trailer mounted unit could be the better option. For a fixed option, the pole mounted radar speed sign is the ideal choice.

Temporary or Permanent

While all three types of signs can be set up temporarily, the tripod and trailer are the ideal options for temporary use. A pole mounted sign will provide a permanent solution as well.

Outdoor or enclosed

Will the speed check sign be used in the open or in an enclosed space such as a fenced worksite or gated community? For an open space, the trailer mounted unit may be more suitable than an enclosed space, but the tripod unit could be a better fit for a gated complex if supervised.

SUPERVISED or standalone

Is the unit part of roadworks, at a worksite or in direct view of staff involved with the speed sign? If the unit will be supervised to some degree, the tripod mounted speed check sign could be the unit for you depending on traffic conditions. For a speed check sign that is left on a street unsupervised temporarily, the trailer is the best choice.


The Portable Radar Speed Check Sign is not suitable to leave alone unsupervised on an open road as it does not have the same security and anti-theft mechanisms in place as the trailer mounted unit. The pole mounted sign is also more secure than the tripod unit.


While all units are highly visible, the trailer mounted unit has the largest sign of the lot and a more noticeable presence with its yellow trailer, especially when compared to a fixed pole unit. If visibility is the most crucial factor in your choice, the trailer mounted unit provides the most impact.


The pole and trailer mounted radar speed check sign feature solar panels, while the tripod mounted unit is battery powered. While the tripod unit has long battery life of up to 15 hours on a full charge, its something to take into consideration.