LDC Equipment offers a range of different portable traffic light models that can be used as temporary solutions where the traditional system is out of use or not available. From being mounted on trailers, tripods, or bollards to running on solar or operated by rechargeable batteries, all our units can be easily transported and deployed in various locations.

1. Trailer Mounted

These units are placed on a trailer with the purpose of easy transportation and are the easiest of our traffic units to set up.

Our trailer-mounted portable traffic lights offer an unrivalled level of build quality and standard features, like a sophisticated SMS monitoring system that alerts the user if there is a fault. Features nine frequency channels that can be operated manually, by timer, vehicle trigger (with optional vehicle detection) or by an optional radio remote control. Link multiple sets together to create larger systems. These units can be used in multiple formats and variations, from pedestrian crossings to 3- and 4-way operations. The units can also be fitted out with one of our Solar PTL Cams, a revolutionary solar camera for traffic management and security.

Key Features of the Trailer-Mounted Model:

  • Easy to transport and set up.
  • Great for Temporary Use
  • Use of bright LED lights
  • Solar Powered
  • Programmed for specific purposes.
  • Linking units together.
  • Different operation modes. From 2-way to 4-way to pedestrian mode

Benefits of the Trailer-Mounted Model:

  • Improved Safety: The improvement of safety to avoid accidents or confusion is always a primary concern.
  • Traffic Jams: Can assist in maintaining traffic flow and a cohesive structure.
  • Adaptable: The units can be transported and deployed in any desired location.
  • Controller: Handheld unit with a 5-metre lead for programming at a safe distance from the roadway.
  • Solar-Powered: Run on solar energy with intelligent charging.
  • Law: Meeting safety standards with ISO-9001 certification.
  • Cost-Effective: A financial solution when you keep transporting these units from different sites rather setting up a fixed-mounted unit.
  • Programming: Can be set up with different sequences and patterns to suit the road condition or purpose.
  • Being Seen: Our bright LED lights being installed in these units make them visible, even in bad weather conditions.


2. Tripod Mounted

These units involve the use of a battery-operated traffic light head on a steady tripod.

Manage traffic easily with our tripod-mounted units, offering improved safety for traffic controllers over the traditional Stop/Go sign and meeting all Australian standards. The unit is lightweight, compact, and has a long battery life, and is very easy to transport and set up, requiring only one operator.

The dual-purpose radio remote controller allows programming of the traffic light and pairing of multiple sets. The unit is powered by a long-life lithium-ion phosphate battery and features up to 15 hours of continuous operation per charge.

Key Features of the Tripod-Mounted:

  • Lightweight
  • Great for Temporary Use
  • Use of Bright LED Lights
  • Battery Powered
  • Flexible
  • Easy Setup
  • Withstands different weather conditions.
  • Operated as one unit, as a pair for shuttle control, or as multiple units.

Benefits of the Tripod-Mounted Model:

  • Improved Safety: Safety is always a priority for all. These units enhance the safety of traffic controllers by getting them off the road, minimising the chances of collusion.
  • Traffic Jams: The units help to keep a safe and cohesive traffic flow, reducing traffic jams and confusion.
  • Adaptability: These units are easy to set up, pack up, and transport to different locations without much hassle.
  • Controller: The unit comes with an easy-to-use remote controller that can be set to control a single or dual units.
  • Battery Operated: Run on a battery that only takes 4 hours to charge for 15 hours of use.
  • Law: Meeting safety standards with ISO-9001 certification.
  • Being Seen: Our bright LED lights being installed in these units make them visible, even in bad weather conditions.
  • Quiet Use: These units do not produce noise, so they can be used in any location, such as residential streets or areas with noise restrictions.


3. Bollard Mounted Model

This unit involves placing a battery-operated traffic light head on a long pole mounted on a water-base bollard. Having the greatest height of all our traffic light units.

The Bollard is designed to be filled with water for easier setup and transport than other portable traffic lights. Similar to the tripod-mounted unit, it is mounted on a water-base bollard instead of a tripod.

Features of the Bollard Mounted Model:

  • Portable
  • Bollard Mounted
  • Battery Powered
  • Remote Control
  • LED Lighting
  • Water Resistance
  • Ultra-low power consumption
  • Easy transportation
  • Lighting and compacts
  • Easy setup
  • Radio controller for programming

Benefits of the Bollard Mounted Model

  • Adaptability: The units can be transported and relocated very easily to any desired location.
  • Improved Safety: Providing safety for workers and drivers through worksites is always crucial. These units add an extra level of safety for traffic controllers as they get them off the road.
  • Traffic Jam: The units can be beneficial for high-traffic areas by maintaining a cohesive traffic flow. To avoid traffic jams and confusion.
  • Applications: Suitable for different locations and sites such as mining, construction, traffic control, events, remote, schools and more in need of temporary solutions.
  • Cost-Effective: A great financial solution as it offers a similar design to a fixed pole unit without the need for infrastructure change.
  • Battery Powered: Run on a battery that only takes 4 hours to charge for 15 hours of use.