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After months of extensive R&D, our newly released Radar Speed Check Sign represents Australian traffic engineering at its finest. Improved road safety is becoming increasingly paramount as traffic hazards occur more frequently on the ever-busy roads, and the risk to road workers? well-being becomes a real issue. The Radar Speed Check Sign, designed and made in Australia, is built to Australian standards, ensuring safety, quality materials, operation and build to suit local conditions. Specially crafted software using contemporary programming forms the basis for an easy-to-use display, enabling the user to simply set their preferred speed. The radar detects an approaching vehicle, triggering an LED digital sequence of two optional modes:-


MODE 1: Smiley face if within the correct speed limit



Frown face if over the stated speed limit, followed by SLOW DOWN (3 flashes)

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MODE 2: Smiley face if within the correct speed limit, followed by the specified speed limit


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Frown face if over the stated speed limit, followed by driver?s actual speed, then SLOW DOWN (3 flashes)

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  arrow      slow-down-gif


The Radar Speed Check Sign is trailer mounted for easy transportation, making it the ideal solution for multi-site use. As an added bonus, two trailers (units) can be towed in tandem, maximising transport and resource efficiency. Being solar powered, these units are great for remote locations where power may be an issue, and of course they are extremely cost effective and environmentally friendly.

LED speed signs aren?t just for controlling traffic speeds. They provide accurate traffic monitoring with up to 10,000 speed records at a time, perfect for traffic research. They can be used on both major and minor roads, as well as school zones and work sites where traffic is prevalent. They help to control traffic speeds, reducing the risk of traffic incidents, thereby improving the safety to pedestrians, drivers and site workers. 

LDC Equipment also manufacture a post-mounted Radar Speed Check Sign as a permanent fixture.