The powerful Terra Light is the perfect solution for night works, where staff safety is absolute. Commanding?4000W of energy, the?low glare lighting system powered by a Kubota diesel engine with a 7KVA Linz generator enclosed in a robust trailer will cast its light some 50 metres in diameter. To put it in perspective, just 2 of these lighting towers would light up a football field!

Unlike other lighting towers, the Terra Light uses ?Refractive Technology? in the light head to disperse more of the produced light down to the ground where it?s needed, rather than have it wasted into space.?The name Terra Light (Terra meaning ?Earth?, and Light ? meaning ?Illuminate?) literally means to ?Illuminate the Earth?.

The controls for the unit are industry leading, with automatic 24/7 timer with automatic Sunset/sunrise compensation or a simple to use manual setting, both with a multitude of safety interlock features that make the unit practically ?fool proof?. With a back-lit LCD screen and user friendly controls, the interface is the easiest to use on the market today.

Cast all the light you need by night with the all-new Terra Light???

Boasting unique features over any other Lighting Tower on the planet, the Terra Light??wins hands down in all major features:-

  • Bespoke auto start/stop technology – program the machine to geographical precision on the 7-day timer
  • Offers large area lighting in a compact mobile unit, boasting a generous 4000w light output
  • 360? diffused light (low glare)
  • No shadows
  • Australian made lamps & head
  • Rigid design (no wind sensitive balloon)
  • Highly efficient Kubota diesel engine
  • Intelligent user friendly display
  • 9m telescopic mast and operation
  • Numerous built-in fail safe features
  • Auto restart
  • Refractive technology
  • Error diagnostics
  • Simulates real daylight within a 50m diameter ? more light where you need it!