LDC Equipment has a range of different lighting towers for sale, different models that are designed and locally manufactured for all different purposes. Our two most prominent units are the Lighting Tower – VENUS model (SLT3) and the Overhead Lighting Tower (OLT).

What are light towers?

The towers are commonly used to provide lighting in areas where traditional lighting systems are not available.

Some locations and applications include:

  • Traffic Control
  • Civil Works
  • Construction Sites
  • Mine Sites
  • Night Works
  • Outdoor Events
  • Car Parks
  • Machinery Yards
  • Open Spaces
  • Residential Areas
  • Sports Club

Both are portable and act as self-contained lighting systems that do not need any electrical outputs or diesel to operate. These models, like most of LDC’s products, are operated with solar energy. Solar panels catch sunlight and use it as a resource as it converts to electrical energy.

If you ever enquire about lighting towers Australia, check out our two newly introduced models.

The Lighting Tower ‘VENUS’ model

The new design Solar Lighting Tower ‘VENUS’ (SLT3) offers new intelligence to the lighting tower market – a brighter, smarter, sharper design than traditional lighting towers.

Henceforth, taking site lighting to a whole new level, experience Australian engineering at its finest with:

  • Tilting solar panels to capture the endless Australian sunlight.
  • Fold up draw bar to reduce the overall footprint.
  • 3 x 350W LG solar panels that easily slide in and out of the structure.
  • A 355° rotating motor to allow for precision control of light direction.

Overall, with zero toxic emissions and ongoing power, the VENUS will become your new best friend – a low-cost, highly effective site and security light, minimising any ongoing operational costs while assisting to reduce your carbon footprint.

The new ‘VENUS’ model is fixed with three solar power panels, capable of capturing more sunlight than traditional towers on the market.

Features of the SLT3

  • Solar Panels: The units come with three solar panels to capture more sunlight than traditional towers to store and transfer into energy for operation.
  • Lights: A powerful lighting source for night-time work, mounted on a mast that can be extended to approximately 6 metres with a total output of 32,000 lumens.
  • Portable: Mounted on a trailer, so they can be easily moved from different locations.
  • Eco-Friendly: The units are operated with solar energy. No diesel or outlets required, and no harmful emissions or noise will be created. A light tower without generator.
  • Durable: These units are designed to operate outside in different weather conditions.

The Overhead Lighting Tower

If you are after a higher and downward lighting system, LDC Equipment is proud to introduce our latest model, the Overhead Lighting Tower (OLT). Providing efficient lighting from an elevated position.

This model’s light outreach expands further than traditional models. For example, the mast raises up to 9 metres and has a 350-degree rotating motor.

Henceforth, reasons to consider getting this unit are:

  • Security
  • Road Safety
  • Construction sites, mining sites, and civil work
  • Outdoor entertainment and outdoor sporting events
  • Car parks and residential areas
  • Night work and emergency work
  • Short- or long-term use.

Features of the OLT:

  • Extended Mast: The units come with a mast that can be raised to extend the lights to the desired height. 6-stage telescopic hydraulic mast, 2 metres retracted, and 9 metres extended.
  • Brightness: The unit has a 3-metre light outreach and up to 15,000 lumens.
  • Portable: Like the SLT3 model, the unit is mounted on a trailer, so it can be easily transported to any desired location.
  • Eco-Friendly: The unit is installed with solar panels on both sides. Capturing sunlight to convert into energy will power up the tower. This unit requires no diesel, a power outlet, or much maintenance. All with environmental consideration.
  • Weather-Resistant: Designed for outdoor use, with the capability to withstand all different weather conditions, from extreme heat to rainstorms.