LDC Equipment is proudly Australian Owned and supports Local jobs

At LDC equipment we believe that supporting local manufacturing is vital in insuring that Australia has a stable and secure economy. With recent developments like Corona Virus and the resulting lock downs and travel restrictions globally, it has never been more important for Australia to have an independent manufacturing capability. Let’s face it globalization is here to stay but at LDC we also believe Australians deserve access to more Australian made products.

The benefits of having a strong Local manufacturing sector is that more Australians have access to employment and there is less risk of supply chain disruption. Also having a strong local manufacturing sector protects Australian national sovereignty and insulates us from foreign market volatility, If Australia depends on China or any other country to make all our products whatever happens in those countries affects us here. Having a strong production sector means that our country is less reliant on international markets for our production.

At LDC Equipment we manufacture our products here in Australia with Australian steel and most importantly with Australian based workers. We believe that every Australian business has a duty to ensure that this country’s economy is strong, Australia has an amazing history of being self-reliant and having a strong manufacturing sector. At LDC equipment this is our core values: to support Australians and Australian Local businesses. We source a majority of our components from Aussie businesses, our company’s head office is based on the Gold Coast in Queensland, we pay our taxes here in Australia, we are a true-blue Aussie business and we are proud of it. By supporting LDC equipment or any Aussie manufacturing business you are

keeping Aussies employed and our country strong.

The Benefits of Working with Local Manufacturers
1. Supporting our Local economy
2. Keeping Australians employed
3. Reliability of supply chain
4. Products adhere to Australian standards
5. Protecting our country’s economic sovereignty
6. Supporting Australian ingenuity
7. Boosting Australia’s production output
8. Helping Australia become a global manufacturing hub
9. All excess products can be exported
10. Insulation from international market volatility

Keep Australia’s economy strong support a Local business, together we can make a difference.