As the world acknowledges a growing need for more robust data protection protocols and cybersecurity measures, to safeguard valuable information, LDC Equipment has risen to the challenge. We have developed portable, solar-powered security cameras that provide high-quality surveillance technology, while keeping footage security in mind. How secure is footage captured by security cameras? LDC Equipment’s range of trailer mounted security cameras and solar PTZ cameras answers that question. 

Trailer Mounted Security Cameras 

Trailer mounted security cameras are the ideal wire-free solution for the remote surveillance of civil work sites and traffic light control systems. The T-Cam is easy to transport, easy to position exactly the way you want it, and ideal for ground level surveillance. As a wire free unit, it is less susceptible to cyber-attacks and allows for storage of footage for up to 30 days, with permanent storage also available. It has multiple anti-theft devices to protect the unit itself and all data is instantly transmitted to a multiple access point for monitoring. All footage is recorded on a removable 8GB SD card in case legal evidence needs to be secured.

Solar PTZ Security Camera 

LDC Equipment manufactures world class PTZ cameras with motion detection and complete automation, making them ideal for above-ground, outdoor surveillance needs on construction sites, as well as for large events and homes. The PTZ camera operates as a standalone unit and provides excellent coverage of areas where radar speed signs and arrow boards have been installed. 

This is a wire-free unit that provides exclusive access to authorised personnel only, to ensure that access to footage is limited to only a few people. The camera operates 24/7 and the footage is stored for one month. 

Wire Free Solar Surveillance Cameras for Construction Sites

LDC Equipment is proud to be a nationwide supplier of high-quality traffic management solutions. We provide clients with arrow boards, truck mounted VMS boards, PTZ security cameras and products for traffic light control requirements in Queensland. Contact our team now to find the perfect solution for your construction and mining needs or visit our website for a wide range of products.