Variable messaging signs are versatile, durable, and effective electronic messaging boards used for a wide range of applications. A VMS board is used to inform or update people on roads about emergencies, diversions and directives that have to do with road traffic. A VMS board is made using electrical components and parts, which are designed to withstand extreme temperatures and weather conditions. At LDC Equipment, we believe that the way to get the most out of VMS signs is to perform routine preventative maintenance at least once a year to ensure safety and proper functioning. 

Servicing Checklist for Variable Message Signs 

A preventative maintenance visit from an LDC Equipment technician will include the following steps. 

Basic External Check 

A close inspection of the exterior is conducted to check for damage caused by vibration, corrosion, dust and debris. All electrical connections and components are inspected and cleaned. The entire unit is checked for signs of water intrusion and all locks and hinges are checked thoroughly. 

VMS Sign Controller and Traffic Cabinet Check 

The technician will run diagnostics checks on the VMS board controller cabinet to check for potential pixel and power supply issues. It will allow them to identify the spare parts they need and ensure that all electrical components are functioning and safe for use. 

Check Communication Systems 

A communication check is conducted to make sure that the VMS board is displaying the correct messages. One of the major benefits of VMS signs is that they can be operated remotely from a control centre, so the accuracy of messaging and control is of the utmost importance. Most VMS signs have safety features in place to account for sudden loss of communication, which should also be checked routinely. 

VMS Board Maintenance Specialists in QLD 

At LDC Equipment, we believe that preventative maintenance is the best way to avoid costly repairs and to get the most out of your investment. We take pride in providing our clients with friendly, professional, and experienced service and maintenance support for every product. Our VMS boards are designed and manufactured with Australian conditions in mind and are currently in use nationally. Contact us now to find out more about traffic control equipment in Queensland.