Happy Harry - The portable radar speed sign

The latest member of our product family is Happy Harry, the portable radar speed check sign. Happy Harry is always smiling green as long as drivers obey his speed limit.

His good mood can quickly change though, especially if drivers decide to ignore him. Happy Harry will become sad and turn red, letting the driver know to slow down while displaying their oncoming speed.

Nobody wants to see him upset, so drivers are more likely to reduce their speed and obey the limit when seeing his face.

Happy Harry can be set up and moved around easily by just one person thanks to a sturdy tripod stand. He can also make a mental note of up to 10,000 vehicles and let you know how many were speeding. All this while managing to stay awake for up to 12 hours before having a snooze and needing a recharge. A hard worker indeed.

You can own your very own Happy Harry, simply get in touch with us to find out more.