VMS Boards

Cloud programming software for remote management of Gold Coast manufactured VMS

At LDC Equipment we’ve developed and installed innovative, cloud based VMS programming software known as Cloud Director in all of our new Gold Coast manufactured VMS boards for remote access management. Cloud Director software allows customers to manage, control and locate their fleet of trailer mounted VMS boards wherever these are based in Queensland, Australia-wide or even internationally.  Remote access and control can be actioned using any internet connected device including tablet, PC, smart phone, android or desktop computer.

Cloud software can be synched with all traffic and signal equipment

What makes this cloud software so unique is it can be synched with all new models of traffic and signal equipment purchased from LDC Equipment, so that it’s scalable to business growth and demands. Because customers can simply and easily program VMS boards and other traffic and signal equipment remotely, it cuts down on manpower and workforce hours, as well as increases efficiency in workflows. Hire companies no longer have to program VMS boards onsite, with clients now having the ability to login and make any changes themselves, which are live in under a minute. 

Traffic and signal equipment currently supported by Cloud Director:

  • VMS5C
  • VMS1C



Specialised features of Cloud Director 

Cloud Director was developed by LDC Equipment with specialised features to meet the demands of a wide range of sectors, including civil construction, property development, road construction, hire, retail and event management.  It has advanced security features for protection against hacking, to avoid data or memory corruption, and a cleanly designed interface for optimal user experience and superior functionality. 

Some of the specialised features include:

  • Online Monitoring
  • Frames exploded view
  • Map
  • Battery voltage
  • Brightness view & control
  • User commands
  • Sign on/off
  • Calibration
  • DLS setup
  • Solar panels voltage/current
  • Battery temperature
  • Message times/amp/status
  • GPRS/GPS setup/status
  • RADAR status
  • Vehicle speed
  • Scheduling mode (continuous, periodic, save/retrieve scheduling
  • Password/RADAR setup
  • Sign configuration
  • DLS setup




Advantages of Cloud Director for traffic and signal equipment management

Cloud Director software is secure, flexible, multifunctional and offers many advantages for remote access monitoring and management of VMS boards, traffic and signal equipment. Whether you prefer to create your own messages or use the vast range of alternatives available, this state-of-the-art VMS cloud programming software is versatile and suited to all types of applications.

Some of the advantages:  

Cost saving

–  Service/repairs

–  Maintenance


–  Individual login (10 access levels)

– Password renew

– Password forget case

– Homomorphic encryption of credentials

– Cloud back-up & storage


–  Various type of reports

–  Upgrading


–  Accessible on all platforms (Linux, Windows, Mac OS X)          

Synchronicity & Scalability

–  It allows data sharing among all cloud-based safety and traffic signal products and scalability with cloud storage


–  Environment friendly by reducing commutes and related emissions



If you’d like to find out more about the features and benefits of Cloud Director and how this unique software can streamline management and monitoring of your fleet of LDC Equipment traffic and signal equipment on the Gold Coast, throughout Queensland or Australia-wide contact our friendly team today on (07) 5529 1188.