At LDC Equipment, we are proud to feature a wide range of cutting-edge Vehicle Roof Mounted VMS signs, which are designed and manufactured locally to the highest possible Australian manufacturing standards. A truck mounted VMS board is ideal for directing and diverting urban traffic using a single sign, which informs, advises, and guides commuters safely and in an organised manner. To get the most out of vehicle mounted variable message signs, it is important that the system is installed on a vehicle that has sufficient room for the mechanism to be installed. Utes, cargo vehicles and attenuator trucks are best suited to the task.

Which Vehicles Are Ideal for Variable Message Signs? 

Due to the size of VMS boards and the mechanism used to operate them, they cannot be installed on every kind of vehicle. For optimal results and to ensure safety, vehicle mounted VMS systems are best suited to Utes, pickup trucks, attenuator trucks and other vehicles that have a loading tray. 

Vehicle Tray Mounted VMS Board

Available for trucks and Utes, the LDC Equipment TM506C features an intuitive dash controller, which allows an operator to adjust the height of the sign. The VMS signs are available in a wide range of colours and sizes and can display up to 4 lines of text with high visibility. 

Our TM405C VMS system is a roof mounted system with fully automatic brightness control. It has a sleek design and is made with stainless steel to ensure maximum durability. 

Truck Mounted VMS Signs 

LDC Equipment truck mounted VMS signs are designed for Australian road work projects where visibility and clarity are of the utmost importance. They feature pre-installed messages and provide complete control to the operator, who can see the message displayed on the dash controller. The mechanism is designed for road work attenuator trucks and can display up to 5 lines of text. 

High Quality Vehicle Mounted VMS Boards in Queensland

At LDC Equipment, we specialise in the design and manufacture of world class traffic equipment and vehicle mounted VMS boards for directing urban commuters. Contact our staff to find out more about VMS signs or visit our website for a wide range of traffic management solutions.