Our tripod radar speed check sign already comes with a long life Lithium Iron Phosphate battery, but did you know there’s also an optional Bluetooth battery monitoring app upgrade? This lets you easily monitor the health and state of the battery from your smartphone.

The app is available for Android and Apple IOS. Once downloaded and installed, you can access the status of the battery through your smartphone Bluetooth connection. Once the app is launched, you can choose the battery and see a status overview of all the important details.

Bluetooth battery monitoring app for Tripod Radar Speed Check Sign

In the app you’ll find a battery overview with the current voltage of the battery, capacity, charge percentage, charging status and health. You’ll also find power draw and the temperature of the battery.

This information is especially useful when using the tripod radar speed check sign for a long duration to make sure there’s still charge left to keep it going. We also have an optional external battery to power and charge the unit.

For any more information about the Bluetooth battery app, the tripod radar speed check sign or any of our other products, contact us here.