LDC Equipment’s portable traffics lights are TMR approved and built for Australia conditions, we have developed our traffic lights with safety in mind.

The Department of Transport and Main Roads introduced new legislation to improve the safety of road users and all road workers on roadwork sites. As part of this commitment the department has worked with industry to investigate and implement options to improve safety for traffic controllers. Portable traffic control devices (PTCD) were identified and adopted as a means of allowing traffic controllers to perform their roles at a safe distance from traffic in high risk environments. These devices include Portable Traffic Signal Systems (PTSS) and manually controlled boom barriers.

 From 1 July 2018, there was an incremental change to the requirements for the use of PTCD, to further ensure that traffic controllers using STOP/SLOW bats are rarely deployed in high risk situations. TMR recently completed a 12-month review of the use and effectiveness of portable traffic lights. Experience with the use of these devices was provided by industry (Traffic Management Association of Australia members) and RoadTek.

 It was concluded that while portable traffic lights are effective in controlling traffic, they also significantly reduce the traffic controller’s exposure to risk by enabling traffic control from a safe location. The workplace safety benefits of using portable traffic lights were demonstrated at an incident north of Portland, Victoria on March 15 2018, in which an occupant of a vehicle was killed and four others were airlifted to Melbourne hospitals after a fully-loaded log truck crashed into queued traffic. A portable traffic light being used at the site was destroyed, while the traffic controller was uninjured. The damaged equipment has been erected at the traffic management company’s office, as both a graphic reminder of the risk’s workers encounters and a testament to the safety value provided by the device.

LDC Equipment is committed to developing products that reduce risk and increase worker safety on road sites. Our products have been thoroughly tested and can be operated from a safe distance reducing hazards for operators and creating a safer work environment.


Manage traffic easily with our PTL3 Type-1 portable traffic light. This Department of Transport & Main Roads (TMR) Approved unit offers improved safety for traffic controllers over the traditional Stop/Go sign and meets all Australian standards. Designed and manufactured in Australia, the Portable Traffic Light is lightweight, compact and has long battery life. The unit is very easy to transport and set up requiring only one operator.



Our portable traffic light is mounted on a sturdy tripod, which is positioned off the road and out of the direct path of traffic. It can be operated as one unit, as a pair for shuttle control or as multiple units. Furthermore, the unit can be controlled via one hand controller and one traffic controller.


The dual-purpose radio remote controller allows programming of the traffic light and pairing of multiple sets. While the PTL3 is powered by a long-life lithium iron phosphate battery and features up to 15 hours of continuous operation time per charge, an optional external battery for more than double the boost in battery life is available. The traffic light can easily be recharged via a 12V or 24V vehicle for on-site convenience or via a battery charger and mains power. 

Our PTL3 Type-1 is available for delivery Australia-wide. Call us now on (07) 5529 1188 for a free demonstration or quote on our portable traffic lights or any other type of traffic equipment we have available visit https://ldcequipment.com.au/