As a leading supplier of traffic equipment and LED signs in Queensland and Australia-wide, we’re dedicated to constantly innovating our products and have recently upgraded our new Gold Coast VMS trailers with electric masts. We’ve added the electric masts to simplify operations and minimise manual handling risks, for better health and safety on work sites.  This coincides with the introduction of Cloud Director software to streamline remote management and location of the VMS trailers. 

Electric masts are solar powered and manufactured to Australian safety standards

Our variable message signs are fitted with solar panels, which charge the batteries operating the variable message boards and masts, so these are powered solely by natural energy. The hydraulic masts are designed and manufactured to Australian safety standards and are built from powder coated stainless steel, for strength and durability. While in transit, the mast remains lowered for safety, but can be erected easily at the touch of a button after arrival on the work site. 

variable message signs

VMS trailers with electric masts enhance work site health and safety

By incorporating electric masts in the design of our VMS trailers, it limits the amount of manual handling required for operation, therefore minimising the chance of OH&S issues arising. 

Benefits of adding electric masts to our Gold Coast VMS trailers 

There are many benefits gained from fitting electric masts to our VMS trailers, which include:

  • Fast & efficient erection & pack-up
  • Less manual handling, minimising injuries onsite
  • VMS trailer with an electric mast can be easily managed by a single operator  
  • VMS board & hydraulic mast is powered by solar energy, so there are no emissions
  • Hydraulic mast is quiet to operate, enabling it to be used outside of work hours in built-up areas where there are noise restrictions in place.

Contact us to find out more about our VMS signs

Contact our friendly team at LDC Equipment today on (07) 5518 7136 if you need a new VMS trailer or you’d like to upgrade your current LED signs to one of our latest models with a hydraulic mast. We offer delivery of our Gold Coast traffic equipment throughout Queensland, New South Wales and Australia-wide. 


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